Totem, Trickster and Kinship

The Nordic Animism platform is working to reintroduce the Raven flag as a marker of kinship with the land among people in the Northern hemisphere.

The project rests on Rune Hjarnø’s research in the Nordic Raven Totem as a part of a circumpolar transregional raven mythology that you find all around the Northern Hemisphere among very different peoples, Siberian, Native American, Inuit, European. Explanation here.

The contemporary design of the Raven flag has been created in a collaboration between Rune Hjarnø, Eva Mm Engelhart, Ave Nielsen and Uffe Berenth.
It combines a number of archeological finds into a contemporary Raven design that emphasizes the Raven as totemic.

The mask inside the Raven form is inspired by specific Iron age fibulae from Scandinavian archeology. It symbolizes the totemic connectedness between humanity and nature. The Raven figure is white. This references the Yupik prophecy of the white Raven that heralds the rise of a new spirituality of connectedness between humanity and nature.
The Nordic Animism platform suggests reclaiming the Raven totem by using the Raven flag. This flag is the voice of the Raven trickster that evokes Ravens voice in our time. The voice of connectedness to nature and to the wisdom of traditional knowledge, but also the voice that kindles in us the trickster qualities of creativity, adabtabilit and resilience that we need as we face the approaching Ragnarok.