The Nordic Animist Calendar is a project run by Rune Hjarnø and the graphic designer Ave Maria Nielsen. It is a beautiful and simple everyday tool inspired by indigenous strategies to retain traditional knowlegge through working with calendars. This calendar introduces seasonal animism from Northern Europe in your normal life. The wall calendar shows the runic calendar, the luni-solar reckoning and has folkloric and Heathen holidays marked with traditional primstaff marks. Each year the calendar showcases a new theme and you can find the current calendar in the webshop.

By relinking us to the turning of the year and the seasonal practices of animism we may find a way towards a less destructive way of relating to the living world. The Nordic Animist Calendar offers insight into the North European reservoir of traditional animist knowledge which is largely forgotten or rejected.

Her the work on the Nordic Animist Calendar is explained

Some introduction to Runic calendar.


The calendar of 2023 is particular because it is the calendar of the Aun Year. This year the calendar is a collaboration between the Nordic Animism crew, Rune Hjarnø and Ave Maria Nielsen and the British artist Gabrīele Tämäya, a n animist, shamanic & cræft practitioner the focus of my work and path is relationships. It is an ongoing exploration of the liminal thresholds at the intersection of humanity, the Land and the Unseen.

Gabrīele Tämäya's work can be found here:


The 2022 calendar had the theme "Ritual" and showed photos from a long rage of practitioners with relation to contemporary
Nordic Animism.


 The 2021 calendar showcased the art of a selection of amazing artists working on the overall theme: “Runes”. The artists of the calendar are:  DARIA ENDRESEN / THRJÁR – photographer and jewellery artist, RÆVEÐIS – graphic artist

FRÉDÈRIC ALMY - graphic artist, MIRA ANNEKE AAGAARD – multimedia artist, JAY MASSIE - photographer,  DRAUMELGR – graphic artist, PHILIP KERBS - smith, STOR-THOMAS ERIKSSON – graphic artist, SMELT MIG - street artist, PEKKA VIREN – graphic artist, ATLE HOLTAN - painter, EVA Mm ENGELHARDT – embroidery expert, SEAN PARRY - tattoo artist, JEFF HELMES – smith,  RUBEN TERLOUW - photographer, ​

Front cover by Daria Endresen

Layout and design by Ave Maria Nielsen


The 2020 calendar was a collaboration between Rune Hjarnø, Ave Maria Nielsen and the tattooist Uffe Berenth Hansen

Uffe Berenth

-is a Nordic tattoo artist. He has tattooed Nordic styles and expressions since 2011, and has established himself as a representative of the Nordic tattoo renaissance. He is the initiative behind the studio Ginnungagap Art. ​

Ave Maria Nielsen

- is a freelance graphic designer. Ave loves to work with mixed medias, such as: graphic illustrations, photography and patterns. Among other projects she is currently working on a hand painted skateboard collection with Nordic folklore patterns.